ODB tear down.

Sometimes you stand in front of your canvas looking at what is about to be your piece and hesitate.  A perfect, clean white canvas.  In this case a, not so perfect, good running truck that could be someone's daily driver, but it will be your daily driver, or weekend getaway.  This thought snaps you back into focus.  You take a deep breath and begin working.  Of course things look messy at first as you rip into your piece to prepare it for the groundwork of what is to come.

With the cab and bed removed from the frame, a long moment a silence was taken.  The cab and bed will not be forgotten.  The tear down continued into the frame with all of the remaining components removed until it was just a solid heap of assorted C-channel.  Many bolts, nuts, and rubber bushings were lost during the tear down.  No moment of silence was taken.  The components being saved have been gathered and taken to Cobern Machine Shop and Sandblasting in Pensacola, Fl. to be purified.

The wonderful thing about sandblasting is that it cleans your parts better than you can using a grinder with a wire wheel brush attached.  Some of you know what I'm talking about.  That wire wheel brush will grab your shirt right at your stomach and suck you in.  You quickly find yourself pulling the cord from the wall and spending the next 10 minutes trying to get it out of your shirt.  Some of us have experienced that once... or twice.

We look forward to getting these parts back soon and preparing them for paint.  We love some color, even if it is just black and white.