Strange Master Cylinder, JT Raceshop Mounts/Adapters, and UMI Performance Mounts

Before the body is bolted to the frame, we decided to go ahead and mount the pedal assemblies.  Both pedal assemblies are original and have been refinished, except for the accelerator pedal.  It is part of a lawnmower blade while the rest of the assembly is original.  It seemed easy enough to remove the floor pan, raise the body up via the lift, and simply stand underneath through the floor.  Installing both pedal assemblies was quite comfortable.

The Malibu originally came with power brakes.  To save weight and unnecessary parts, the switch to manual brakes was needed.  A G-body Power-to-Manual brake conversion plate was ordered from JT Raceshop and that allowed us to mount a dual master cylinder from Strange Engineering.  A HVAC delete panel was also installed, and painted to match the car.

An LS engine will be used as the power plant for the build so some old LS parts laying around are being used to test fit the body to the frame.  The LS block has a hole in the side so don't be upset that it was completely painted Ford blue.  It is useless.  Some 706 heads, a water pump, and a truck style intake were also mounted to the Ford blue engine.  The engine was mounted to the frame using some modified UMI Performance engine mounts.

An old Turbo 400 transmission was found behind a shed halfway in the ground and filled with water.  It is only being used for fitment so the water was drained out and it was cleaned.  To secure the transmission, a custom transmission crossmember was made using some old  1-3/4" steel tubing.

Finally the body is secured on the frame once again with solid aluminum body mounts from JT Raceshop.  Everything clears very well with no issues from the engine or transmission.  No headaches here, but we did receive all of the fiberglass body panels and dash.  I can foresee headaches happening with that, but we may luck out on some great products.  We all look forward to the next update.