Stripped Down and Blasted

A lot of floor pan damage was found along with severe rust above the A-Pillar and the driver's window.  Normally you see this kind of damage on vehicles with a drip rail, but it is evident here in the same way.  The floor pan has been removed while leaving in some edges for the new floor pan to fit to.

The new floor pan, from Classic 2 Current Fabrication, is in temporarily.  There is always delicate work to do in order to properly fit a floor pan.  You must decide how much of the old floor pan you want to leave in vs how much of the new pan you trim off to mate to the vehicle.

The floor pan was left in the car during blasting.  This made sand clean up a little easier.  Keep in mind when sand blasting a car.  Sand gets in all the cracks and crevices.  There may need to be some trips on the road and some slow track passes to make sure nothing gets in the way of this E.T. time.