Weld-Up Header Kit, SBC, Dragster, Front Strut Type

Weld-Up Header Kit, SBC, Dragster, Front Strut Type


Designed specifically for strut type front end cars and dragsters, this kit allows you to fabricate your own headers to save money or make changes to the kit to fit your specific needs. These kits are assembled in the same jig used for the finished headers. Then, it is simply tack welded on all connections. If needed, you can cut a tack-weld to reposition the tube, or you can simply finish welding the kit and have the same header offered by Dynatech®.

  • Mild Steel, Bare Metal

  • CNC laser-cut flanges, gaskets, gussets and bolts included.

  • Optimum port exit angle for added power.

  • Collectors and star plugs must be purchased separately (see below.)

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These products are intended for racing and off-road applications. Not legal for sale or use in the state of California, nor in states which have adopted California emission standards.