O2 Bung Pan E Vac Kit

O2 Bung Pan E Vac Kit

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The Dynatech O2 Bung/Pan E-Vac Kit is an excellent way to increase horsepower by reducing crankcase pressure. This kit has shown to pull as much as 3 inches of vacuum on a typical bracket engine. An added feature to this kit is the ability to use an O2 sensor or Pan E-Vac setup. The bung included has 18 mm threads to accept common O2 sensors. The adapter included in the kit has 18 mm threads on one side and 1/2 pipe threads on the other. This allows you to insert the 18 mm threads into the bung while having pipe threads on the other end to attach most Pan E-Vac check valves. This kit comes complete with angle cut bung, threaded adapter, threaded plug and copper washer. One kit required for each collector.

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