Pro Steel Shaft Rockers


Jesel has designed a steel bodied rocker with less deflection and a better moment of inertia than similar aluminum rockers. These advancements in rocker design allow engine builders the opportunity to develop a more aggressive cam profile and valvetrain package. All Jesel Pro-Steel rocker systems are custom engineered for your specific application utilizing critical details such as spring rates, lobe lifts, pushrod angles and ratio requirements. The rocker geometry is designed to minimize roller movement on the valve tip. Each rocker body is manufactured from premium billet steel alloy and undergoes a through hardened heat treating process for durability. All of the steel components are processed with REM/ISF® Isotropic Superfinish to remove asperities inherent in the manufacturing process and to safely remove microscopic peaks, greatly reducing points at which stress fractures can begin.

Jesel offers two distinct steel rocker body designs, the Mohawked J2S and the Pocket I-Beam J3S. The J2S style is designed more like our traditional Mohawk aluminum bodied rockers and is best suited for use with a threaded type adjuster. The J3S body can be custom engineered for applications where minimum rocker mass and lowest moment of inertia is a concern. Either design can be fastened using a traditional shaft and bolt mounting system or our new box style stand.



GM R07 Ford C3
GM SB2.2
Ford D3
GM LS1 Dodge P7
GM LS7 Dodge P8
GM BBC Dodge Pro
Stock Hemi
GM DRCE 3 Brodix 11x/ASCS
TRD Phase 9/14 Brodix AK 13°
BBC Spread
Port Exhaust
Brodix FF 11°
All Pro 13° Edelbrock LS-R
All Pro 11° Edelbrock SC-1
All Pro LSW-12