Pro Aluminum Shaft Rockers


Championship winning racers in virtually every form of racing from NHRA Pro Stock to Sprint Cup rely on Jesel Pro Series shaft rockers to get them into the winners circle. Used by top engine builders worldwide, Jesel rockers continue to set the standard by which all others are measured. 

The excellent mechanical properties inherent to the custom blended 7000 Series aluminum alloy allows for the design of an extremely durable and lightweight valvetrain assembly. Tensile strength of the custom blended alloy at 300° far exceeds that of the less expensive, industry standard 2024 alloys. Low moment of inertia along with FEA designed bodies insures that lobe lift is not wasted due to rocker body deflection. 

The Pro Series rocker systems are built and custom manufactured to your specifications. Anything from rocker ratio to adjuster offset to lightening options can be tailored to your specific needs. A shotpeened surface finish along with a profiled rocker tail and a clipped-pin nose roller are standard features found on the Pro Series kits. Even the rocker stands can be custom ordered if needed to compensate for longer than stock valve lengths.


Solid Body
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 210g Our strongest rocker body. Engineered for use in the high cylinder pressure applications associated with nitrous and blowers.

Standard Slot
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 202g Our primary lightening program. Designed to provide a stiff body capable of controlling the valvetrain at high RPM.

Mohawk Beam
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 195g Our stiffest lightweight body. Lowest moment of inertia ideal for extremely high RPM valve control and extended spring life.



Standard Shotpeen Surface Finish
Induces an even, compressive stress layer in the surface of the rocker body. Increases the resistance to fatigue failures. Adds compression strength and stress relieves rocker body.

Optional Needle Roller
Recommended for use with high lift, high spring pressure applications. Prevents the roller from stalling and skidding across the valve tip. Highly recommended when using .312” or smaller valve stems.

Optional ARP Shaft Bolts
Manufactured from ARP 2000 material, these bolts can be torqued to 35 ft lbs and are recommended for spring pressures exceeding 800 lbs. open.the valvetrain at high RPM.

Optional Ball Adjuster
Has less friction than cup type adjusters. Makes rocker arm stronger by increasing the adjuster thread area and eliminates counterbore area.




Currently available for limited applications, Jesel’s Pro J2K Series is a lightweight, high-end alternative to their standard Pro Series line. All J2K rockers are manufactured from a custom blend, shotpeen finished 7000 series aluminum for durability and cycle life needed at elevated operating temperatures experienced in endurance racing. The use of this material in conjunction with the dual diameter modular shaft provides for an extremely lightweight yet rigid rocker arm. This unique shaft design allows the Jesel engineers to use a .562” O.D. shaft bearing to increase the critical bearing strap area needed to reduce body deflection. This same shaft also allows for .750” diameter clamping area and provides enough room for a 7/16” mounting stud to securely fasten the rocker to the mounting stand. J2K rockers come standard with a .250” needle nose roller and can be fitted with our Tool Steel Ball Adjuster which adds over .100” worth of critical thread area.