60° Four Cam + 45° Twin/Four Cam


One of the weakest areas of a typical V-Twin engine is the valvetrain. The stock type rocker arms along with high spring loads and 14” pushrods encounter a severe amount of deflection robbing the engine of horsepower, rpm and valvetrain stability. Finally, there is a solution. Jesel V-Twin kits include innovations such as a 2.000” pivot length rocker secured to a .625” thick steel base plate that corrects geometry and ensures that the rocker can be torqued properly to prevent deflection. JVT also offers large diameter, cutting-edge, solid roller lifters and custom tapered pushrods. A .937” diameter roller lifter that features a pressure fed oiling circuit provides a constant flow of oil to the roller needle bearings. Tapered modular pushrods with a center diameter of .562” and a wall thickness of .120” reduces pushrod deflection to a minimum. So what’s the gain from all of this? Increased rpm, horsepower and a valvetrain that’s not beating itself to death.

All JVT twin and four cam rocker systems are designed on an individual basis. In order to properly fit your head with the ultimate rocker arm system, it is highly recommended that you ship your cylinder heads to Jesel.


60° S&S Billet Pro Stock

Kit contents: Intake and exhaust rockers, rocker stands, and arp hardware

Kit contents: Intake and exhaust rockers, rocker stands, and arp hardware


The George Smith / George Bryce designed S&S® Billet 60° Pro Stock engine has been dominant in NHRA and AHDRA competition. JVT appreciates high quality engineering and they are proud to make available a valvetrain system that will enhance the performance of this already awesome power-plant. By replacing the stock aluminum pedestals, machining the heads for additional mounting hardware, and installing billet steel stands, the rocker arms can be fastened to the cylinder head more securely.

JVT has also incorporated advanced rocker arm technology by utilizing their J2K series design to include standard features such as a .250" wide needle bearing nose roller to reduce friction, a shotpeened finish 70 series aluminum body for increased strength, a MoHawk lightening beam for the lowest moment of inertia, and a full radius ball-type adjuster to reduce friction between the adjuster and pushrod. The 2.000" pivot length rocker bodies can be ordered with a ratio up to 2.2:1 and the billet steel stands are available in height increments of .050" to adjust for proper rocker geometry. JVT also uses ARP hardware throughout its rocker systems to properly secure the components.



J2S Steel Rocker & Stand

As an alternative to the aluminum bodied J2K system, the engineers in the Jesel JVT department designed a steel bodied rocker system to further reduce rocker deflection. The J2S MoHawk designed steel body features a 2.000" pivot length rocker and is supplied standard with a Tool Steel Ball Lash Adjuster and a .250" wide Needle Bearing Nose Roller. The stability of the rocker is greatly increased with the use of the steel box anchored to the cylinder head by the way of dual 7/16" ARP studs. These custom built rockers can be tailored to your specific valvetrain needs.


OEM Twin / Four Cam Solid Roller Lifters

Our race proven, direct replacement, solid roller lifter is ideal for a hydraulic to solid roller cam conversion. The .842” diameter heat-treated and coated steel body fits into the factory lifter bore without any modifications and features a pressurized internal oil circuit that lubricates and cools the axle needle bearings. The aluminum hard-coated piston features an on-center pushrod cup and is just one of the engineering elements that gets the overall weight down to just 84 grams. The roller axle is secured in place using an internal locking pin eliminating the possibility of cir-clip failures.


45° & 60° Four Cam Lifters & Components

Lifters, Standard Features

Ultra-Lite Design
Hard-Coated Steel Body
±.0002 Machined Tolerance
Pressurized Oil Circuit
Internal Axle Locking Pin
Ultra Low Pivot Point
Hardened Pushrod Seat
Lightweight Aluminum Piston
Wide Roller Contact Area
.377” Diameter Axle


Billet Lifter Blocks Available For

S&S Twin & Four Cam


Bronze Lifter Bushings

Machined and matched to lifter blocks
A-45 Bronze for improved strength and wear characteristics

Available For
.937" S&S Pro Stock CaseE
.937" Delkron Case
.937" PRP

60° S&S Billet Pro Stock Keyway Roller Lifters


Due to the outstanding success and reputation of JESEL lifters in all forms of racing worldwide, G² Motorsports designed the S&S® 60° Billet Pro Stock engine to utilize the JESEL Keyway Roller Lifters. These .937” diameter Keyway Roller Lifters feature such innovations as a pressure fed oil circuit to the roller bearings and an internal axle locking pin that eliminates troublesome snap rings. The hard-coated steel body further reduces friction and helps to prevent lifter-to-bore galling.

Standard Features

.937" Diameter Body
Exclusive Pressure Fed Oil Circuit Lubes Pushrods
Roller Surface, Cam and Roller Needle Bearings
Keyway Pin
Hard Coat Steel Body
Internal Locking Pin (Eliminates Snap Rings)
Optional Roller Sizes Available


45° & 60° Four Cam Modular 3 Piece Pushrods

vtwin20 (1).jpg

JVT's 3 piece double tapered pushrods are designed to withstand the incredible open spring pressures used in today's V-Twin racing engines. They can be ordered in 3 different diameters depending upon your application. Each pushrod is manufactured from a chrome moly steel alloy designed to reduce harmonics transferred from the lifter to the rocker. The pushrods are assembled with a heat treated Tool Steel tip to reduce friction and wear under extreme loads. Available in 7/16" straight with a .165" wall, 9/16" straight with a .188" wall, or 1/2" straight with a .188" wall.


45° & 60° Four Cam Pushrod Tube Kit


JVT's pushrod tubes feature anodized billet aluminum sockets that are joined by a stainless steel tube. The spring tensioned, slip fit design does not require any tools for installation or removal and allow the tubes to grow with the engine. Can be ordered for both JVT and OEM valvetrains.


Jesel Designed 45° & 60° Four Cam CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Pushrod Receiver


OEM Twin & Four Cam Slip-Fit Pushrods


The JVT Slip-Fit pushrod provides the engine builder with an adjustable pushrod that maintains valve lash, decreases pushrod deflection and helps to stabilize the valvetrain at higher rpm. By removing the tool steel pushrod tip and adjusting the hardened shim, precise valve lash settings can be easily obtained. Available in 7/16" straight with a .165" wall, 9/16" straight with a .188" wall, or 1/2" straight with a .188" wall.


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