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A. Spring Removal Tool

Bolts in place of rocker arm for easy on engine valve spring removal.

Paired Rocker, 3.200” Bolt Centers TOL-SS0007 $139.65
Paired Rocker, 3.500” Bolt Centers TOL-29250 $162.75
Paired Rocker, 3.600” Bolt Centers TOL-29255 $162.75
Paired Rocker, 3.750” Bolt Centers TOL-29275 $162.75
Individual Rkr, 1.400” Bolt Center TOL-SS0006 $139.65
Individual Rkr, 1.550”-1.650” Bolt Center TOL-29260 $162.75
Spread Port, 1.900”-2.650” Bolt Center TOL-29270 $244.65
J2K Style, Individual Rocker TOL-29280 $192.15
J2K Style, Paired Rocker TOL-29282 $206.85

B. Extreme Pressure Lube

Anti-Scoring extreme pressure grease is an ideal break-in lubricant for pushrod tip to adjuster cup break-in.

Extreme Pressure Grease, 1oz Tube LBE-20000
Extreme Pressure Grease, 4oz Tube LBE-14050 $15.75
Extreme Pressure Grease, 14oz Cartridge LBE-14000 $27.30
Needle Bearing Lube, 1oz Bottle LBE-25000 $15.70

C. Bushing Alignment Tool

Checks for proper alignment of keyway slots for installed bushings.

.937 Lifter Bushing TOL-50050 $170.10
1.062 Lifter Bushing TOL-50075 $170.10
1.095 Lifter Bushing TOL-50080 $170.10

D. Cam Adapter Spanner Wrench

Used to ease the tightening of the cam adapter bolts.

GM SB / BB Belt Drives TOL-39260 $16.80
Chrysler BB TOL-39270 $16.80
Dodge R5, GM R07.2 TOL-39275
GM LS Series TOL-39280 $16.80
SB Ford TOL-39290 $16.80

E. Keyway Bushing Installation Tool

Available for either purchase or rental, this tool properly installs and aligns our keyway bushings.

.937 Lifter Bushing TOL-50150 $2,598.75
1.062 Lifter Bushing TOL-50160 $2,598.75
1.095 Lifter Bushing TOL-50170

F. Lower Pulley Driver

Slides over the crank snout and is used for installation of the lower crank pulley.

Lower Pulley Driver, All Kits TOL-39310 $21.00

G. Dogbone Drill Jig

Used to properly locate and drill and tap block for Dogbone retainer plate stud.

Chevrolet SB 1.560” c/c KIT-40000 $630.00
Chevrolet SB 1.800” c/c KIT-40250
Chevrolet SB +.391” Raised Cam KIT-40050
GM SB2.2 Block KIT-40200 $630.00
Chevrolet BB 1.800” c/c KIT-40300 $630.00
Chevrolet BB, Ribbed Aluminum Block KIT-40350 $630.00
Ford SB 1.730” c/c KIT-40100 $630.00
Ford SB 1.830” c/c KIT-40125 $630.00
Dart Ford SB 1.730” c/c KIT-40150 $630.00
Ford BB, 2.100” c/c KIT-40175 $630.00
Chrysler A-4 Midget 1.383” c/c KIT-40500 $630.00
Chrysler BB, 1.800” c/c KIT-40275
Rodeck 481X 2.300” c/c KIT-40400
Brad Anderson Hemi 2.000” c/c KIT-40600

H. Valve Spring Pressure Tester

Designed by Logan-Smith Machine, this tool checks valve spring seat pressure on an assembled valvetrain.

LSM Valve Spring Tester, 0-600 lbs TOL-PC100 $251.95

I. Valve Lash Torque Wrench

Designed by Logan-Smith Machine, this tool allows you to properly set valve lash and torque adjuster nut to proper values.

LSM Valve Lash Wrench, 7/16 12pt x 5/32" Hex TOL-1T-100-5/32 $83.95
LSM Valve Lash Torque Wrench, 26 ft/lbs TOL-TQ100-3 $199.50

J. Valve Lash Adjuster Wrench

Designed by Full Bore Race Products, this tool eases valve lash maintenance by incorporating a hex key with a 7/16” box wrench.

7/16" 12pt nut x 5/32" Hex TOL-29301 $57.75

K. Torx Sockets

For use with stand and shaft mounting hardware.

Torx 40 Socket TOL-19200 $4.20
Torx 45 Socket TOL-19210 $4.20
Torx 50 Socket TOL-19220 $6.30
Torx 50+ Socket TOL-19221 $11.55
Torx 55 Socket TOL-19225 $6.30

All sockets are 3/8" drive.

L. Pushrod Length Checker

This 5 piece tool is adjustable from 6” to 12” and is available for either cup style or ball style lash adjusters.

6” - 12” Range / Cup Style Adjuster TOL-29400 $34.65
6” - 12” Range / Ball Style Adjuster TOL-29425 $35.70

M. Stand Height Checking Gauge

Used to properly adjust stand height for proper rocker geometry.

.561” Dia Shaft / .312” Dia Valve Stem TOL-29350 $28.35
.561” Dia Shaft / .343” Dia Valve Stem TOL-29351 $28.35
.561” Dia Shaft / .375” Dia Valve Stem TOL-29352 $28.35
.561” Dia Shaft / 7mm Dia Valve Stem TOL-29357 $38.85
.561” Dia Shaft / 8mm Dia Valve Stem TOL-29349 $38.85
J2K Shaft / .343” Dia Valve Stem TOL-29367 $42.00
J2K Shaft / .312” Dia Valve Stem TOL-29368 $42.00
J2K Shaft / 7mm Dia Valve Stem TOL-29369 $42.00

N. Rocker Length Checking Gauge

A convenience tool used to check the rocker arm pivot length.

Pivot Length Gauge, 1.515” to 2.000” TOL-29355

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