Shaft Rocker Systems


Sportsman Shaft Rockers

Jesel Sportsman Series rocker kits are designed to bolt on without any cylinder head modifications and in most cases still fit under a stock valve cover. The rocker geometry is preset and engineered using the common valve supplied with the particular cylinder head to provide a bolt-on and go installation.

Pro Aluminum Shaft Rockers

The Pro Series rocker systems are built and custom manufactured to your specifications. Anything from rocker ratio to adjuster offset to lightening options can be tailored to your specific needs. A shotpeened surface finish along with a profiled rocker tail and a clipped-pin nose roller are standard features found on the Pro Series kits. Even the rocker stands can be custom ordered if needed to compensate for longer than stock valve lengths.


Pro Steel Shaft Rockers

All Jesel Pro-Steel rocker systems are custom engineered for your specific application utilizing critical details such as spring rates, lobe lifts, pushrod angles and ratio requirements. The rocker geometry is designed to minimize roller movement on the valve tip. Each rocker body is manufactured from premium billet steel alloy and undergoes a through hardened heat treating process for durability.

Nitro/Alcohol Shaft Rockers

The Pro Steel Top Fuel rockers forged, heat treated steel bodies, are designed using the latest FEA software and were bench tested with nose roller loads of up to 10,000psi. They are polish finished and coated to resist corrosion that is inherent with Nitro Methane. The direct replacement Top Fuel Shafts are manufactured from through hardened H-13 tool steel with a stout .280” wall thickness. They are then processed with REM/ISF® Superfinish and DLC coated for improved wear and reduced friction.



Included with the purchase of all Jesel Shaft Rocker Systems where applicable:  Torx Sockets, 1-Stand Height Checking Gauge, Pushrod Length Checker, and a 1 oz. bottle of needle bearing lube.
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