Roller Lifters & Bushings


Solid Body Tie Bar Roller Lifters

Introduced in 2009, this solid body, tie-bar design steel lifter is a perfect fit for sportsman and professional racers in every type of racing venue. Whether you are into drag, road, circle, or marine racing or if you’re just running a serious piece on the street, this lifter was designed to be a cost effective alternative to the well proven TS Series Lifters which have won numerous NHRA, NASCAR, SCCA and LeMans championships.

Tool Steel Dog Bone Roller Lifters

Jesel’s Dog Bone Roller Lifters are lighter than traditional tie bar styles of lifters and can be easily installed in the home workshop using Jesel’s Dog Bone Installation Fixture. Standard Jesel features include full internal oil circuits, hard-coated steel bodies, and aluminum pistons with hardened-steel (centered and offset) pushrod seats.


Tool Steel Tie Bar Roller Lifters

Jesel’s Tie-Bar Roller Lifters may look like all other tie bar lifters, but don’t be fooled - these Tie Bars have it all -- fully pressurized internal oil circuits, tolerances held to ±.0001”, DLC coated tool steel lifter bodies, internal locking axle pin, aluminum pistons with hardened steel pushrod seats and a tie-bar made out of tempered stainless steel. 

Tool Steel Keyway Roller Lifters

Jesel Keyway lifter bodies are fitted with a keyway pin that rides in an index slot milled in a bronze lifter bushing. This design provides precise cam/roller alignment and eliminates the added weight of tie bars or tall lifter bodies associated with Dog Bone-style lifters. Keyway lifters require special engine block machine work to install the Jesel bronze keyway bushings. Jesel also offers a Keyway Bushing Installer that ensures perfect bushing alignment.


Bronze Lifter Bushings

Jesel’s bronze lifter bushings are the most durable on the market. They are CNC-machined to exacting tolerances out of high-strength A-45 bronze material. Several styles and sizes are available to accommodate most applications. Proper lifter to bore clearance must be maintained. For aluminum blocks Jesel recommends preheating the engine block before startup.

Nitro/Alcohol Hemi Lifters

Jesel’s direct replacement, ultra strong, Nitro-Alcohol Hemi Lifter is resetting the standard for lifters in blown nitro and alcohol engines. The REM polished, one-piece tool steel bodies are connected with a heat treated stainless steel tie bar and can be fully rebuilt. Roller features include precision sorted tool steel needles distributing the load to a .378” diameter dual pinned axle and are available in .905”, 1.000”, 1.062” Open Pocket or 1.062” and 1.125” Full Body Diameters.


Oil flow should never be restricted to any Jesel Precision Roller Lifter.

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