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Overhead Cam Followers

Each follower is CNC machined in-house and heat-treated to withstand the unforeseen abuses of today’s racing engines. Along with the reduced friction and added strength, another feature unique to our cam followers is what we call our Tail-Hook pivot ball receiver. The Tail-Hook design features a special contoured pocket to keep the follower from losing contact and disengaging with the pivot ball at high RPM.OHC followers for the Ford Modular engines and the Ecotec engines are available for an OEM style hydraulic lash post or Jesel’s Adjustable Solid Lash Post.  The OHC follower for the Esslinger SVO/ARCA and XT head must be used in conjunction with the adjustable lash post which features a 5/8-24 x hex nut with a 1.125” diameter flange to easily and securely set valve lash.

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