Cam Cores and Bearings




Jesel’s CNC turned tool steel cam cores can be custom machined to your specification. Journal sizes from 50mm to 82mm along with custom lobe layouts can either be machined from your prints or reverse engineered from an existing cam core. All engineering data and specifications are proprietary and will not be shared with any other customers.

Our high-quality stock is a high-toughness, through hardened steel that was specifically designed for use in applications which require high surface strength. This material is ideal for the high contact stress and high shock loading experienced with the current spring pressures, ramp speed and ratio combinations being used.


Standard Features

Premium tool steel
50mm to 82mm journals
Custom lobe layouts & widths
Proprietary engineering available
Heat treating specs available




Jesel’s Babbitt camshaft bearings incorporate a lead based alloy babbit material that is applied to a precision centerless ground seamless steel back. This Babbitt material, in conjunction with a dry-film polymer lubricant, protects the bearing surface from damage due to instances such as cold starts, low oil flow and catastrophic loss of oil pressure.

In an effort to reduce oil windage and oil aeration from the camshaft, Jesel offers encapsulated needle-bearing camshaft bearings for a 50 to 70mm cam core. The low friction rollers are designed to operate with a minimal supply of oil. If you will be running a belt drive with this bearing, provisions need to be made to suppliment the oil supply to the thrust washers of the belt drive.


We have many special offers involving Jesel Cam Cores and Coated Babbit and Needle Bearings.  Please Contact Us listing the products you are interested in by clicking the link below.