Tool Steel Tie Bar Roller Lifters


Jesel’s Tie-Bar Roller Lifters may look like all other tie bar lifters, but don’t be fooled - these Tie Bars have it all -- fully pressurized internal oil circuits, tolerances held to ±.0001”, DLC coated tool steel lifter bodies, internal locking axle pin, aluminum pistons with hardened steel pushrod seats and a tie-bar made out of tempered stainless steel. The only difference between Jesel’s top of the line Keyway Roller Lifters and its Tie-Bars is the alignment device and the easy drop-in installation that makes tie-bars so popular.



Available in .842”, .875”, .905” or .937” diameters
Easy drop-in installation
Tall design clears late model blocks
Offest pushrod seat for port clearance
Tempered stainless steel tie-bars and hardware



Lifter Diameter Roller Diameter Needle Length Weight/Grams*
.842" .760" .405" 206g
.875" .760" .450" 217g
.905" .785" .500" 229g
.905" .820" .500" 231g
.937" .785" .500" 231g
.937" .850" .500" 236g
*Chevrolet Big Block Weights



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