Tool Steel Keyway Roller Lifters


Jesel Keyway lifter bodies are fitted with a keyway pin that rides in an index slot milled in a bronze lifter bushing. This design provides precise cam/roller alignment and eliminates the added weight of tie bars or tall lifter bodies associated with Dog Bone-style lifters.

Keyway lifters are available in .937”, 1.062” and 1.095” lifter body diameters and various roller diameters. The smallest combination of body diameter and roller scales in at just 97 grams. Keyway lifters require special engine block machine work to install the Jesel bronze keyway bushings. Jesel also offers a Keyway Bushing Installer that ensures perfect bushing alignment.



The Open Pocket Keyway lifter is the standard design keyway style lifter. The Open Pocket design allows for the use of larger diameter rollers with a wider contact path on the cam lobe. The open pocket reduces the weight of the lifter while allowing more oil to lubricate the roller. The .937” diameter lifters are available with either .785” or .850” diameter roller and the 1.062” lifters come with a choice of .785”, .850” or .940” diameter rollers. A centered, .050” or .150” offset pushrod cup is available.



The Full Body Keyway lifter features the roller surrounded by the lifter body for added strength and support in the thrust area on the lifter body. Combinations include a .937 diameter lifter featuring a .785” diameter roller, a 1.062” lifter can be ordered with either a .785” or .850” diameter roller and our 1.095” diameter lifter includes a .940” roller. A centered, .050” or .150” offset pushrod cup is available.



-Available in .937”, 1.062” or 1.095” diameters
-Centered, .050” or .150” pushrod seat locations
-Hardened keyway pin keeps lifter from rotating within bronze bushing
-DLC coated tool steel body reduces friction and wear
-Easy in-engine lifter removal
-Wide selection of roller diameters
-Exclusive oil circuit lubes pushrods, roller, cam, and needle bearings
-Internal locking pin eliminates snap rings
-Optional roller sizes available


Lifter Diameter Roller Diameter Needle Length Weight/Grams
.937" .785" .500" 97g
.937" .850" .500" 102g
1.062" .785" .500" 113g
1.062" .850" .500" 118g
1.062" .940" .500" 125g
1.095" .940" .500" 138g



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