Tool Steel Dog Bone Roller Lifters


Dog Bone Roller Lifters get their name from the O.E. style dog bone shape alignment plates that are bolted to the cylinder block for cam/roller alignment. Jesel’s Dog Bone Roller Lifters are lighter than traditional tie bar styles of lifters and can be easily installed in the home workshop using Jesel’s Dog Bone Drill Jig. These roller lifters are ideal for most forms of racing, available in lifter diameters of .842”, .875”, .905”, and .937”. The list of available roller diameters can be found in the chart at the bottom of this page. Standard Jesel features include full internal oil circuits, hard-coated steel bodies, and aluminum pistons with hardened-steel (centered and offset) pushrod seats.



Offset and centered pushrod seat locations
No special bushings needed
Installation fixture available for preparing block
Hardened steel pushrod seat
DLC coated tool steel body
Oil circuit lubes roller, bearings, pushrod and the upper valvetrain



Lifter Diameter Roller Diameter Needle Length Weight/Grams
.842" .760" .405" 84g
.875" .760" .450" 89g
.905" .785" .500" 96g
.905" .820" .500" 98g
.937" .785" .500" 100g
.937" .850" .500" 104g



For LS-1 and LS-7 applications, Jesel recommends the use of their Dog Bone Retainer kit. A direct replacement for the OEM plastic retainer, this precision machined retainer securely guides the lifter and prevents premature lifter bore wear.

LS-7 Retainer shown below.


Dog Bone Drill Jig

Used to properly locate and drill and tap block for Dog Bone retainer plate stud.

Chevrolet SB 1.560” c/c KIT-40000
Chevrolet SB 1.800” c/c KIT-40250
Chevrolet SB +.391” Raised Cam KIT-40050
GM SB2.2 Block KIT-40200
Chevrolet BB 1.800” c/c KIT-40300
Chevrolet BB, Ribbed Aluminum Block KIT-40350
Ford SB 1.730” c/c KIT-40100
Ford SB 1.830” c/c KIT-40125
Dart Ford SB 1.730” c/c KIT-40150
Ford BB, 2.100” c/c KIT-40175
Chrysler A-4 Midget 1.383” c/c KIT-40500
Chrysler BB, 1.800” c/c KIT-40275
Rodeck 481X 2.300” c/c KIT-40400
Brad Anderson Hemi 2.000” c/c KIT-40600

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