Solid Body Tie Bar Roller Lifters


To create these Solid Body Tie-Bar Lifters Jesel uses the same rollers, needles and axles found in their TS Series Lifters, combined with a FEA designed ultra smooth REM/ISF® polished DLC coated, heat treated body, all held to tolerances far exceeding current industry standards. Lifter sets are now available in .842”, .875”, .905” and .937” diameters for all popular OEM and aftermarket racing engines.



Heat treated stainless steel tie-bar secured with tool steel nuts
Precision sorted bearings feature pressure fed oiling
Precision ground REM polished heat treated body
Offset or centered pushrod seats
Heat treated tool steel roller

Lifter Diameter Roller Diameter Needle Length Weight/Grams*
.842" .760" .405" 235g
.875" .760" .405" 247g
.905" .820" .450" 268g
.937" .850" .450" 288g
*chevrolet big block weights



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