Shaft Rocker Systems

Jesel shaft rocker systems have proven themselves to be the ultimate replacement for inadequate stud rocker assemblies. Easily able to handle today’s aggressive springs and cam profiles, both racers and engine builders have been rewarded with years of reliable, trouble free service of their shaft rockers on countless applications from daily drivers to bracket drag cars, various marine applications, and oval track dirt and asphalt racing. 

Belt Drives & Distributor Drives

Jesel Belt Drives feature extremely accurate externally adjustable cam timing to fine tune the engine’s power curve. Teflon® coated cam and crank seals insure proper oil and vacuum sealing. The Gates High Torq Drive™ belts are engineered to handle well over 1200 lbs of spring pressure and are custom made to Jesel specs. Some cam adapter assemblies are capable of reducing camshaft endplay down to as low as .001”.


Roller Lifters & Bushings

Jesel offers a wide variety of roller lifters:  solid body, dog bone, tie bar, keyway, nitro/alcohol, and v-twin.  They have an ultra smooth REM/ISF® polished DLC coated, heat treated body, all held to tolerances far exceeding current industry standards. Many lifters sizes are available with varying offsets.


One of the weakest areas of a typical V-Twin engine is the valvetrain. The stock type rocker arms along with high spring loads and 14” pushrods encounter a severe amount of deflection robbing the engine of horsepower, rpm and valvetrain stability. Finally, there is a solution resulting in increased rpm, horsepower and a valvetrain that’s not beating itself to death.  Jesel offers shaft rockers kits, lifters, and pushrods for 60° Four Cam, 45° Twin/Four Cam and 60° S&S Billet Pro Stock.


Cam Cores and Bearings

Jesel's CNC turned tool steel cam cores can be custom machined to your specification. Journal sizes from 50mm to 82mm along with custom lobe layouts can either be machined from your prints or reverse engineered from an existing cam core. The Babbitt camshaft bearings incorporate a lead based alloy babbit material, when used in conjunction with dry-film polymer lubricant, protects the bearing surface from damage due to instances such as cold starts, low oil flow and catastrophic loss of oil pressure.

Overhead Cam Followers

Along with the reduced friction and added strength, another feature unique to Jesel’s cam followers is what they call their Tail-Hook pivot ball receiver. The Tail-Hook design features a special contoured pocket to keep the follower from losing contact and disengaging with the pivot ball at high RPM. OHC followers for the Ford Modular engines and the Ecotec engines are available for an OEM style hydraulic lash post or Jesel’s Adjustable Solid Lash Post. The OHC follower for the Esslinger SVO/ARCA and XT head must be used in conjunction with the adjustable lash post which features a 5/8-24 x hex nut with a 1.125” diameter flange to easily and securely set valve lash.



Jesel tools are highly recommended for the testing, inspecting, installing, and removing of all Jesel products.

Frequently Asked Questions

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